Join TODAY to the Opportunity to have your own independent business with Flash!

Why are we unique?

Flash is the right choice for you and for everyone looking to have a successful business.

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In Flash, we are aware that everybody is seeking to find some opportunities to change their present thinking about their future. People need options that help them change their lives and those of their loved ones. That’s why we’ve developed a different business model that can produce the outcomes that you and many others are eager to find.

This is how it works

Our official distributors offer essential services as mobile service and, by acquiring customers, they earn money.

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Relationship marketing
It’s about selling, in our case, services through the people social ties to get earnings that let them improve their lives.

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Brand Leaders (BLs)
They are the official Flash distributors and salespersons who build an independent business that let them earn compensations and benefits.

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Our Residual Income and Monthly Bonuses System lets those Brand Leaders who bring new customers and distributors earn money.


With tools to reach success

In Flash, all our Brand Leaders start a business thinking on their own future, working hard to achieve all their goals, but they can be sure that we will always be supporting them in the path.

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Virtual Office

What we call the Back Office. A Brand Leader can find there everything they need to manage their business.

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Corporate Videos

A set of informative clips to help our Brand Leaders attract more people to the business, both customers and distributors.

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It’s about presentations hosted by some national or international Flash and ACN leaders to train other Brand Leaders on the most important topics of the business.

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For you and your customers, so that you can always find answer to your doubts about the business and the Flash service.

We don’t use conventional marketing
We rather give all that money to the strongest kind of advertising: YOU